Their last performance at Dansens Hus, Iki.Shi.Tai (2012), was filled with humour, colour and a self-ironic twist. Based on Japanese culture – or rather stereotypes thereof –C/Ompany treated the audience to laughter and daredevil acrobatic dance. Now these equilibrists are back with a new hour-long performance, drawing inspiration from the Swedish phrase “nja”, meaning “well, actually”, as well as a street in Kyoto filled with philosophical signs.

Active in Sweden and Japan, C/Ompany is a collective whose performances are physically challenging and charmingly simple, while advocating reflection. It is run by Japan-born Shintaro Oue, formerly a dancer at the Cullberg Ballet, among other companies. He and the other two dancers in the collective are familiar faces on the European dance scene, working with some of Europe’s top choreographers.