Whacking och punking i en läcker värld av rörelse.


45 minuter

”Ring ring”

*Inget svar*

”Vi är underbemannade just nu, var god och dröj.”

Vad gör vi nu?

”Room 02:53” är en whacking/punking föreställning som äger rum i ditt undermedvetna. En kollektiv fantasi av fem dansare och en surrealistisk incheckning som rör sig i mellanrummet av den queera dansstilen whacking och dansteater.

Dansarna Ranya Asadi, Jérémy Gaudibert, Marvil Iglesias, Lauri Lohi och Hanne Os Wold dyker in i en läcker värld av rörelse, där varje handling drivs av lusten att uttrycka ens djupaste känslor. Föreställningen hämtar inspiration från filmer, komedi och normkritik och undersöker människornas benägenhet att missuppfatta varandra.

Med whackingens unika mix av teatrala gester och vild storytelling som klangbotten, förvandlas rummet i ”Room 02:53” till något drömlikt men ändå konstigt bekant.

”Beauty from Ugly, Expression from Oppression”

Viktor Manoel (Original punker)

Whacking skapades av queers of colour i Los Angeles under 1970-talet. Tidens atmosfär var till stor del rasistisk och fördömande gentemot homosexualitet och queeridentiteter. Ur behovet för självuttryck och befrielse uppstod whacking som en social dans inom gayklubbarna i Los Angeles. Dansstilens soundtrack var tidens mest provocerande och kontroversiella musikaliska fenomen: disko och funk-musik.

Lauri Lohi

Lauri is a clown, performer and visual artist hailing from Finland and based between Gothenburg, Sweden and Berlin, Germany. They are an autodidact contemporary dancer with their movement background in the dance styles House, Popping, Locking, Breaking and Hiphop, which they studied at Åsa Folkhögskola between years 2014-2016.

Lauri started learning Whacking on their own from videos in 2014 and has since explored the style in battles, video art, jams and performances. They have studied mime acting and physical theatre both in Stockholms Dramatiska Högskola and with various mentors in Berlin. Since 2017 Lauri has choreographed and performed their own pieces and has worked with and for dancers and groups such as Heidi Vierthaler, JUCK, Rawmantics and Slip of the Lip.
Lauri enjoys being upside-down.

Marvil Iglesias

Marvil is a Stockholm-based dancer Specializing in funk and house dance styles. Hailing from the realm of ASMR, horror flicks and ruthless comedy. Marvil infuses his broad dance expression with that of humour and horror storytelling.

Marvil is a known dancer in Stockholm’s streetdance scene and besides dancing has also excelled as an MC in the Scandinavian ballroom-scene. He is a member in a Stockholm-based comedy improv-collective Improphilia and currently works at various schools, organisations and events

Ranya Asadi

Ranya is a dancer, DJ and culture worker from Malmö. Her interests include ranking fictional priests by physical appearance, 90’s black teen comedies and Disco- music.

Ranya prefers to remain mysterious, letting her dance and artistic expression speak for itself.

Jérémy Gaudibert

Jérémy is a mover and a maker. He’s a waacking dancer and teacher. He’s also a member of the finnish chapter of the House of Ninja representing the Old Way Voguing. In addition to developing these two techniques he, together with the French collective Petit Huit, explores new forms of dance theater and immersive performance.

Jérémy discovered dance in his teenage years through the funk styles of Popping and Locking as well as Hype dance, name given in France to the early 90’s Hip Hop dance. While studying and later on working as a designer and maker, he approached Whacking (in 2014) and the Ballroom community (in 2015) where he found the appropriate vocabulary to shape and communicate his emotions. Through both bodily experiences and physical constructions, Jérémy works at proposing a different experience of the world.

Hanne Os Wold

Hanne has her education from Flow Dance Academy in Copenhagen and Åsa folkhögskola in Sweden and is specialized within urban dance styles.

She learned her first whacking move over 10 years ago and hasn’t stopped since – today she spreads the gospel of whacking through shows, choreography, teaching and by participating in battles. In 2016 she co-founded «GlitterFitter» – a show group focusing on dance, humour and entertainment.

The last couple of years Hanne has also used her urban dance background within a contemporary framework and enjoy using her movement language freely to convey characters, stories and emotions.