Performing the Archives  is a week of conversations and performances at the House of Dance focusing on how we can use dance and its own specific knowledge to rethink history.
During the last couple of years we’ve experienced a huge interest among contemporary dance artists to look back at and work with historical dance pieces. Why do we turn to the past? What does it give to the future? What are the different means through which performance can engage with the past?
At the centre of this week we find two new works by Olga de Soto and Rani Nair, both dealing with works by the legendary choreographer Kurt Jooss, de Soto working with the masterpiece The Green table (1932) and Rani Nair dealing with the minor and least known work Dixit Dominus created in the 70’s. When we experience these two pieces next to one another for the first time, what might emerge?


Start the week with a conversation about Kurt Jooss and the inputs to the week of Performing the Archives. Cast: Kate Elswit, Olga Soto and Rani Nair. Small stage, 10th March at 19.00. Please report yourself in advance at [email protected]


An Introduction
12+13 mars kl 19.00 (Small stage)


The new man
12–15 mars kl 17.30 + 20.30 (Main stage)


Future Memory
14+15 mars kl 19.00 (Small stage)


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