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In A lot of moving parts, choreographer Eleanor Bauer prods at the Greek etymology of her own discipline: khoreía “dancing together” and graphia ”writing” to understand the place of writing in the embodied, social, and oral practices and traditions of dance-making. Working with the frictions, collisions, translations, love affairs and gaps between dancing and writing in a choreographic search for “simple containers in which the complexity of dance may thrive,” Bauer and her collaborators toggle dancing and writing practices in search for the ways that these two media of thought can serve each other best.

A lot of moving parts dwells in the untranslatable, sensual, absorbent, expansive, non-linear, protean, and mercurial nature of embodied thought, by getting intimate with uncertainty, making the invisible visible, knitting sense with the senses, attending to the minor and peripheral intuitions, and knowing by feeling. In Swedish, to feel and to know are the same verb – känna – coincidence, or poetic justice? Bauer and her collaborators create a porous and open context in which the audience can feel their way through the performance with all of their senses, in a landscape of modular matter, light, sound and movement, continuously reconfiguring the physical, imaginary, and symbolic space of the performance.

As a malleable framework for Bauer’s artistic research practice concerning the relationship between writing and dancing, A lot of moving parts is a flexible container for her ongoing inquiry, evolving over time, and uniquely assembled for each performance.

For this unique iteration, 9 members of the Coven Press* dancing-writing group and 9 Guests of the Press will gather to create the largest group iteration of this project heretofore.


Coven Press 2019: *Coven Press, conceived in August 2019, is a collective dancing-writing pod born out of Bauer’s research, who together originating the term for and specialising in the practice of Sensual Journalism has included, in different constellations on and offline: Season Butler, Peter Mills, Juliette Uzor, Kai Evans, Tilman O’Donnel, Stina Nyberg, Halla Ólafsdóttir, Adam Seid Tahir, Alexander Talts, Alice MacKenzie, Zoë Poluch, Eleanor Sikorski, Flora Wellesley Wesley, Stephanie McMann, and Eleanor Bauer. Download the Coven Press‘ Fake News Paper

Coven Press 2020: Read the new Coven Press below.

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