Tilman O’Donnell (Swe) In some sense 30 mars – 1 april 2022

Part lecture, part concert, part dance performance.

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45 min

In Some Sense (2016-2021) is the most recent collaboration between award winning dancer/choreographer Tilman O’Donnell (USA/GER/SWE) and Grammy nominated musician/composer Mikkel Ploug (DK). In Some Sense follows the contours of a lecture by French philosopher Alain Badiou entitled From Logic To Anthropology, rendering its key concepts as musical score and choreographic partitur.

The piece is the final in a trilogy by O’Donnell based on Badiou’s lecture which include the works Whatever Singularity #453: Solo for Maxime / Dancing with Alain (2015) and In Life & Love & So On (2015).

Badiou’s speech patterns are uniquely musical, lending themselves to compositional exploration. The rhythm and content of his ideas inform the piece’s choreographic structure, music and movement.

Part lecture, part concert, part dance performance, In Some Sense navigates the overlapping territory of given forms – music, dance, language, and thought to open up a series of questions about procedures of change.


Koncept, design

Tilman O’Donnell, Mikkel Ploug


Tilman O’Donnell


Mikkel Ploug 


Thomas Zamolo 


T.M. Rives


Thomas Zamolo